Swedish Massage Therapy

A massage therapy which promotes relaxation. The Swedish massage technique is beneficial for decreasing muscle toxins & increasing oxygen levels in the blood,  improving circulation, mental & physical relaxation, decreasing stress & cortisol levels, boosting white blood cells and subsequently the immune system, improving lymphatic drainage, improving flexibility while easing tension. Studies have shown that massage relaxs the body, decreases blood pressure and heart rate, reduces stress and depression. Doctors now prescribe massage therapy as symptomatic treatment for many chronic and acute conditions & many insurance companies reimburse patients for prescribed massage therapy.

Swedish massage uses hands, elbows, fingers & forearms to manipulate muscles. Different massage techniques such as effleurage are used along with pettrisage, friction, vibration, tapotement techniques & movement of the joints may also be included in the massage.

Swedish massage, involves removing some clothing and lying on a massage table draped with a towel or sheet. Massage is catered to the clients problem areas, avoiding contraindicated areas and where the client requests not to be touched (e.g feet)…… or a full body massage as time permits. Naturally Wise use Tui Balms which are organic scented or unscented quality oils to facilitate the massage movements. Effleurage is a free flowing, gliding stroke which traces the contours of the body with the palms using a light to medium constant pressure. Petrissage is likened to kneading dough, the flesh is lifted, rolled & squeezed between the hands. Friction is  the deepest pressure used in Swedish massage and uses the pads of the thumbs or fingers, the knuckles or backs of forearms. Vibration is where the flesh is shaken or trembled with the hands or fingertips to release muscle tension. Tapotement involves cupping with the palm, hacking with the sides of the hands or pummelling with the fists. The strokes are rapid rhythmic movements. A Swedish massage session may last 30-90 minutes.

It is important to drink plenty of water following a massage session to help flush the toxins from your body.

We use Tui balms massage oils which are all made from natural ingredients (the whole substance that naturally occurs in nature or a direct extraction from the whole natural source). The beeswax in Tui balms is organic & the packaging is recyclable.

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