Nanosmart Laundry Balls – Twin Pack

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The Nanosmart laundry ball cleans to 5kg to 10kg washing load.

· Save hundreds of dollars on laundry detergents & softeners.
· Reduce or eliminate water pollution & help save the environment (the Laundry Ball is chemical free).
· Suitable for those with sensitive skin and allergies to chemicals.
· Saves water (little to no rinsing required).
· Saves electricity and saves time.

The Nanosmart laundry ball cleans to 5kg to 10kg washing load.

· Save hundreds of dollars on laundry detergents & softeners.
· Reduce or eliminate water pollution & help save the environment (the Laundry Ball is chemical free).
· Suitable for those with sensitive skin and allergies to chemicals.
· Saves water (little to no rinsing required).
· Saves electricity and saves time.

The NANOSMART ® Laundry Ball cleans your laundry without detergent. It’s natural action cleans whilst protecting your clothes against oxidisation, for enhanced colour holding and fabric elasticity. Furthermore, your laundry comes out soft and smelling fresh because the Laundry Ball eliminates mould, pathogenic organisms and any unpleasant odours and without leaving any residue.

The NANOSMART ® Laundry Ball:

Contains no chemicals at all. It is non-toxic, soap and detergent free and contains no phosphates, phosphorous, boron, ABS, LAS, SAS, or SLS

It is environmentally safe as it has no chemicals, the casing is recyclable and the pellets are natural minerals. It’s safe for gray water systems, saves water (reduced or no rinsing required) and has not been tested on animals.

It is convenient to use. It’s powerful but not harmful to fibres (it activates the water to increase cleaning power), it works well in all temperatures and won’t fade colours (protects colours from oxidation and discolouration caused by chlorine in the town water).
The activated water softens & helps to retain the elasticity of fabric, eeduces or eliminates requirement for bleaching agents, fabric softeners and other washing additives, removes odours (no artificial fragrances required) and reduces creasing.

It is very economical as it replaces the need for laundry detergents (saving you hundreds of dollars), is reusable for 1200 to 1400 washes (does not require refills of any cleaning chemicals), saves water, electricity and time by eliminating extra rinse cycles and eliminates the need for fabric softeners.

It’s anti-bacterial action eliminates mould, pathogenic organisms and any odour causing bacteria.

It is safe for people with eczema / Sensitive Skin. Because the NANOSMART® Laundry Ball does not contain any detergents or chemicals, there is no remaining chemical detergent residue in the cloth or fabric fibre; therefore it does not cause any skin trouble for those who may be allergic or irritated by residues that detergents and other chemicals can leave behind in clothes after washing.


To explain how the Laundry Ball works one must first understand how laundry detergents work. The various chemicals in the detergent activate the water in various ways (by raising the pH, removing the water surface tension, etc.) so that the water can penetrate into the fabric’s fibres to open the fibres and remove the dirt. In other words, it’s the water, activated by these chemicals, that cleans your clothes.

The NanoSmart Laundry Ball replaces the function of these chemicals but at a molecular level. This is the magic of bio-ceramics. The Laundry Ball contains three different kinds of ceramic beads, each comprising a combination of different minerals. When these ceramic beads are submerged into water, the molecular structure of H2O is altered. This process is unstable and constantly goes through a series of alterations every fraction of a second. During this process, it emits far-infrared rays and negative ions, raises the pH, reduces the water molecule clusters into smaller clusters and removes the water surface tension. It’s through this process that the ceramics contained in the laundry ball activate the water so that the water can penetrate deep into the fibres, open them and remove the dirt in the same way the water does when activated by the chemicals in detergent. The Laundry Ball therefore activates this water in a very similar manner to the chemicals in the detergent except at a molecular level rather than with chemicals. In fact, once the laundry ball is no longer in contact with the water, the water returns to a stable state of pure H2O and, if it wasn’t for the fact that it is now dirty, you could drink it. It contains no chemicals or bleach and it is therefore perfectly safe for grey-water recovery systems, gardens and fruit trees and leaves no skin irritating chemical residues. However, the Laundry Ball only replaces the function of the detergent. It therefore, cannot remove stains that could not be removed previously using detergents. These stains will still need to be removed beforehand as you did in the past.

However, for those people who are looking for a total chemical free solution, you can achieve a greatly improved wash simply by pre-soaking in water activated by the laundry ball (i.e. with the laundry ball in the water while soaking) for a few hours or overnight. There are also a number of skin friendly and environment friendly stain removers on the market. These can be found in most health stores.

However there is one major difference with the detergents. Most detergents contain some form of bleaching agent. This is added to the detergent for your whites. However, as it is in the detergent for all washes, it is this bleaching agent that is the major contributor to your blacks and colours fading a little with each wash. As the Laundry Ball contains no chemicals, it contains no bleaching agents. Thus when using the Laundry Ball on its own, your blacks will stay black and your colours will stay vibrant. In fact, the laundry ball even counters the chlorine (bleach) in the town water so that it offers a totally bleach free wash. As such it also, therefore, protects the fabric’s fibres and elasticity. It is recommended to wash your whites separately because, while the laundry ball will also clean your whites in the same manner as the coloureds, if your whites never see a bleaching agent, they will eventually tend towards a grey or yellow tinge. Therefore, if you want to retain that brilliant white, and chemical sensitivity is not an issue, then you need only add a teaspoon of a quality whitener. In the first instance, you might choose to use the balance of your Napisan or concentrate (only a teaspoonful is required). However, you can find some excellent products in health stores and we can recommend one you’ll find there from the B.E.E. product range (“I’ll make it all white”). It is an excellent whitener with some stain removal properties and is both kind to the skin (except in extreme skin sensitive cases) and environment friendly and again, only a teaspoonful in each wash is necessary. For those who are looking for a totally chemical free solution however, there are other chemical free alternatives.

The other difference with using the laundry ball instead of detergents is the total lack of residue left in the fabric. No washing machine offers enough rinsing cycles to totally remove all the residues left behind by most detergents. In fact, in a lot of the latest “water-saving” models, the rinsing can be even less effective. In the past, we often reset the machine for an additional rinse once it had completed its normal cycle, or in a lot of cases now, we try to compensate by using a softener.

Note: Informed people do not use liquid softeners from the super market. Several washing machine repairmen have informed us of the damage they do to the machine (although this has yet to be verified). It is also our understanding (also not verified) that they are not particularly good for your skin or clothes. It is our recommendation, on the basis of this belief, that these softeners should be avoided. There are other alternatives if you feel you need it.

Because of previous washing with detergents, all your linen and clothes will contain some residue and perhaps softener. However, once you have washed them a couple of times with the laundry ball only, you will have washed out most traces of the past residue and because you are no longer adding any, your clothes and linen will start to come out soft and your towels particularly soft and fluffy. Thus, from this point on, you will have no need for any additional softening. Furthermore, since you have no further residue to remove, you can even now cut down on your rinse cycles as there is no need to waste water and electricity to rinse out ‘nothing’. Once you have rinsed out any trace of the dirty wash cycle water and spun it out, you can then even stop the machine and remove your laundry. Should you, however, let the machine complete its cycle, the ”deep rinse” actually becomes an additional wash cycle because as long as the Laundry Ball is in the water, it is washing.

The anti-bacterial properties of the Laundry Ball will kill pathogenic organisms and bacteria and thus remove any unpleasant odours. Your laundry will come out soft and smelling fresh. It will not be perfumed as there are no perfume chemicals. If you want your laundry perfumed you will need to add the “perfume” which can be done by adding a drop of essential oil in the last rinse for example. However, if your husband doesn’t want his shirts smelling of Lavender, you may choose to “perfume” your linen by placing perfumed soaps (for example) in the linen cupboard and pot-pourri sacs in your wardrobes, as another alternative.

The NanoSmart Laundry Ball can be used in top loaders, front loaders and hand washing (as long as the Laundry Ball is in the water it is activating it) and it doesn’t care what temperature you use. However, some of the latest model “water saving” front loaders use so little water to wash, that the Laundry Ball can never be submerged in the water and therefore will not work in these machines unless it is a model with a high water fill over-ride. Whether with detergent or the Laundry Ball, it is the water that cleans your laundry and needs therefore to flow through the clothes during the wash cycle. Most of these new models that detect the volume of laundry and set the volume of water accordingly, have a high water fill over-ride setting/button to allow you to put more water in the machine. If it is a late model “water saving” machine without this over-ride facility, you will not be able to use the Laundry Ball.

One NanoSmart Laundry Ball can handle machines of up to 5 kg. If your washing machine is larger than 5 kg, you will require 2 Laundry Balls and will therefore need to buy the discounted Twin Pack.

CAUTION – Beware of Fakes

Because of the phenomenal worldwide success of this Laundry Ball, some other “Laundry Balls” have emerged on the market. Some contain chemical soap pellets that may last only a few months before they are discarded or replenished with a new load of soap pellets, while others contain no active ingredients at all. These copies contain only plastic or stone pellets with no effect whatsoever.

The NANOSMART ® Laundry Ball is the original and ONLY Laundry Ball that contains the world patented Bio-Ceramic active ceramic pellets.

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