The eyes are often referred to as, ‘The windows to your Soul’!!!

The eyes reflect the bodies inner environment & state of health. The history of iridology dates back to Babylonia in 1000BC. In 450BC iris diagnosis was being taught at Hippocrates, Medical School of Salerno.

Our eyes are a very complex tissue structure, they are interconnected with every tissue & every organ in our bodies through the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the central nervous system (CNS) & the optic nerve.

Iridology - Eye

Iridology is a screening tool used by practitioners to analyse the eyes & is used as s a piece in the puzzle of a holistic assessment. A blueprint to our internal  & external bodily environment. Iridology detects individual dispositions & potential strengths or weaknesses in your body systems. The colours, patterns, markings, fibre structure, shading & zones of the eye all have meanings & are analysed & interpreted by the Iridologist. The eyes show characteristics of genetic pre-dispositions along with the impact of our lifestyle choices.

There are 7 zones in the iris layered around the pupil & expanding out like concentric tree rings. These rings or zones represent

  1. The stomach
  2. The small & large intestines

……..The point between Zone 2 & Zone 3 is the ANW or autonomic nervous wreath…..

  1. Aorta, heart, solar plexus, pancreas, bronchi, adrenals, pituitary gland, pineal gland & gallbladder
  2. Skeleton, uterus & prostate
  3. Lungs, liver, brain, kidney, spleen, thyroid, etc
  4. Lymphatic & circulatory systems, muscles & motor nerves
  5. Sensory nerves & skin

An iridology consult will involve looking in your eyes with a iridology torch and or a camera to record the individual markings of your irises.  The iris provides us with information to understand what’s going on in your inner world. For example; inflammation, lymph congestion, acidity, eliminatory organ efficiency & toxicity can be identified. We then use this information to assess & enhance your health & wellbeing. Your health is most definitely your greatest asset.

There are no two eyes that are exactly the same….not even your own!!

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