Are Hormones draining your energy, making you crazy or your weight won’t shift regardless of exercise?

Are you training hard yet still can’t lose weight? Do you gain up to 2-3kg quickly and wonder where that came from? Are you exhausted by day, yet wake through the night? With all this going on, you then struggle to concentrate, and find you’re easily irritated or anxious, lacking the ability to achieve your fitness goals let alone getting anything else done?

Hormonal imbalances don’t happen without cause. It’s not all about weight, though some of it is, these symptoms are just the beginning for what hormones can do to your body when out of balance long term. Conditions can develop including accelerated aging, permanent metabolism dysfunction, leading to diabetes and heart disease, and a decline in your brain function.

There are seven triggers that affect your hormones, such as poor diet, food reactions causing fluid retention, liver toxicity creating insomnia and high oestrogen levels, nutrient deficiencies preventing hormone production, infections, stress, and fitness levels. However, most people only deal with one of these at a time. If you don’t address all of these at once, you’re caught in a cycle that goes on for life. The frustrating part is once these triggers upset your hormones, your hormones cause these triggers again! Many people are using hormone creams, the pill, HRT, and bio-identical hormones to treat the symptoms though they won’t fix the cause, and they won’t fix the permanent effects, so the cycle continues and you become reliant on them. Fortunately, it can be treated properly, and most symptoms improve within weeks, and completely relieved within just a few months.

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