Can hormones drain energy, make you crazy and halt weight loss regardless of exercise?

Mood swings so strong, you just want to scream, or crawl into bed and sleep till it’s over. Anxiety over nothing, irritable over everything, and crying over anything! I’m not just talking about menopause and PMS; to all of you men, MANopause can and will happen, so listen up! Are you irritable, nervous, depressed, low libido, foggy thinking, can’t sleep, or gaining weight? Is anything sounding familiar?

Hormonal imbalances don’t just happen without cause. Why can some people eat anything and maintain their weight, yet you gain 3kg overnight from just thinking about breaking your diet! It’s not all about weight, but some of it is, these symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg for what hormones can do to your body when out of balance long term, accelerated aging, permanent metabolism malfunction, leading to diabetes and heart disease, decline in brain function, including loss of short-term memory, and loss of important older memories permanently.

There are 7 triggers that affect hormones including diet, food reactions, toxicity, deficiencies, infections, stress, and fitness. Most people only deal with one of these at a time. You could see a specialist in only one area, though if you don’t address all of them, you’re caught in a cycle that goes on for life. The frustrating part is once these triggers upset your hormones, your hormones cause these triggers again! How do you stop it? Actually, it’s pretty easy to stop, as long as you deal with them all at the same time and thoroughly. I have seen hormone creams to balance hormones, the pill, HRT, and bio-identical hormones. These might help your current symptoms though they won’t fix the cause, and they won’t fix the permanent effects, so the cycle continues and you become reliant on them. Fortunately, it can be treated properly, and most symptoms are improved within weeks, and completely relieved within just a few months.

Hormones are one part of a 7 step process for permanently treating mood issues. These steps have been proven with testing to improve brain and total body function, without medication. If you’d like to know more, call 07 5443 1987 for a free half-hour consultation with one of our naturopaths, where you’ll learn about everything that causes hormonal and mood problems, and what to do about it.

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