Trouble falling asleep? Waking through the night, or waking like you haven’t slept at all? Find out why

Do you find yourself tired throughout the day, struggling to concentrate or falling asleep at work? Does your mind race when your head hits the pillow or do you stir all night, waking groggy despite taking sleeping tablets? Don’t accept these feelings as “normal”. One simple infection can cause all of these symptoms plus irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, anger outbursts, poor concentration, sugar cravings, reduced ability to cope with stress and depression.  These symptoms can have a sudden onset or gradually worsen over years or decades, and you may not have realised they are linked.

A simple reduction in specific gut bacteria or an overgrowth of bacterial infection can stop you absorbing the nutrients you require to make the brain chemicals needed for sustained, restorative sleep.

The infection can be picked up from travelling overseas, working with children, regular contact with the sick or elderly and is more prevalent in FIFO workers.

Easily transmittable, common infections contracted from overseas travel to popular island holiday destinations, or contact with someone recently overseas, has been detected in the gut through specialised testing. This infection has been shown to release a neuronal toxin, affecting the nervous system physically and mentally. Studies now available link the impact of gut infection on the brain. Being easily passed on, others in your home may also be affected.

Often the first symptoms correlate with a stomach bug causing diarrhoea or vomiting. The countries it may be transmitted from, often have untreated water, with many people returning, infected and passing it on easily through schools, day care centres, hospitals or places of work.

Thankfully these infections are easy to test for and respond well to treatments allowing your sleep, mood, health and happiness to get back on track. Don’t put up with the cycle of low energy, high stress and poor sleep any longer. Contact Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre for a free half hour consultation on 1800 699 355.

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