Sudden pain in joints or feet? Extreme pain in your toes? Could it be gout?

Recurrent bouts of gout can lead to degenerative arthritis

Have you experienced severe and sudden pain in one joint?  Do you get strong pain in your toes where even the sheets are too heavy? Too painful to walk or feel as though your toe is broken? Has someone in your family suffered gout?

Gout was once known as a rich man’s disease, as it was thought to be caused by over indulgence of certain foods such as meats and alcohol, but it can just as easily stem from a diet lacking in key nutrients.  Risk factors include family history, obesity, high blood pressure, stress – particularly following a fracture or surgical procedure, alcohol consumption, diabetes or kidney dysfunction.

Up to 95% of gout is related to specific foods and quickly treatable

Gout can occur in the big toe, but may just as easily present in other joints of the feet, ankles, fingers, wrists, elbows or knees.  Common symptoms include swelling, heat and stiffness, the joint appearing shiny red or purple, a fever or racing heart, with pain lasting from a few hours, days or even weeks at a time.  If left untreated, attacks will become more frequent and severe.

Accessing the right treatment to address the primary triggers can drastically reduce the incidence of a repeat attack.  Knowing which foods to avoid and urgently treating any nutritional deficiencies can markedly improve your recovery.  The reality is that medications used to treat gout often come with toxic side effects and are not designed for long term use.

Fortunately, medications are not the only option, however, every person has a unique set of triggers that create these symptoms.  Thorough specialised testing is essential to investigate all causes, which may stem from any undetected inflammatory condition, such as specific bacteria, food triggers, virus or more, ensuring you get on top of your health quickly and effectively.

Returning you to correct metabolic weight, restoring energy levels and expert advice on nutrition are essential to obtaining your long term wellness.  Don’t become a victim of repeated gout attacks, contact our expertly trained naturopaths to get the right advice the first time, by calling 1800 699 355 (1800 MYWELLNESS) and arrange a free half hour consultation or visit

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