Do you suffer from itchy or inflamed skin?

Is it worse after you’ve worked out?  Does it come on suddenly but never really goes away?  Unsure what you’re doing that’s making it worse?

Skin reactions are some of the most complex issues to treat, as there are a number of factors that could be at play creating an unpleasant rash or painful lumps in inconvenient areas of the body.  Are you experiencing itchiness, redness or uneven skin eruptions?  Been told to change your skin cream and wear loose clothing but it still doesn’t improve?  Have you considered it could be because of the foods you eat?  You could be making it worse without even knowing!  What’s relieving to know is that it could soon be gone if you get yourself tested to find out exactly what the culprit is, and do away with nasty skin conditions for good!

If we continually consume foods that our body reacts to, over time, it compromises the integrity of the gut wall.  Have you heard of the expression ‘Leaky Gut’?  Well that’s the term used to explain what professional health practitioners know to be intestinal hyper-permeability, which is a real and serious problem if left untreated.  Foods that we eat pass through our gastro-intestinal system, reaching the gut to be broken down into smaller particles, ready for absorption of all our necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

But, if we eat foods our system recognises as inflammatory, that causes damage to the lining of the gut wall, compromising the cells known as gap junctions, allowing for food particles to slip into the blood stream.  This activates the immune system, alerting it to the presence of foreign particles, which then signals immune complexes to mark that food particle as danger, which results in the beginning of a food sensitivity.

The symptoms we may experience in response to eating these allergenic food can range from the obvious signs like bloating and indigestion, but skin complaints including eczema, hives, redness and blotchy skin can be completely healed if you carry out the correct testing and pathology to identify exactly which foods are causing the distress.  Heat, increased body temperature and your regular training routine coupled with tight fitting clothing and sweat are all going to make your skin feel much worse than it needs to, so get to the bottom of it so you can feel your best this summer!

Not all food allergy tests are the same, you’ll often find they are a generic assessment looking for a singular antibody presence, when in all likelihood there are a number of different allergic responses that your body is producing.  Our comprehensive food allergy testing is highly specific, with only two laboratories in the world, one here in Australia and one in Russia who test for a whole range of reactions; along with food allergies, this test reports back on sensitivities to fungus, yeast and household allergens.  Our pathology tests can even assess the direct health and integrity of your gut, as well as check for the correct levels of good and bad bacteria to ensure we heal you quickly and more effectively with a uniquely tailored and personalised treatment program to address these underlying factors.

Call today and book your free first consultation so that we can find the direct cause of your skin irritation or health concern, quickly and easily.


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