Is mental fatigue and reduced brain function impairing your decision making, productivity and relationships?

Find the causes behind the mental fatigue epidemic sweeping Australia.

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QUIZ Questions:
• Waking fatigued?
• Becoming fatigued through the day?
• Depression or Anxiety?
• Headaches?
• Poor sleep?
• Poor brain function?
• Poor memory?
• Anaemia?
• High stress?
• Low immunity?
• Bruise easily?
• Dry hair or lips?

Are you finding yourself unable to concentrate and struggling with energy late in the day? Are you having difficulty with words or getting your message across in conversation? Are you having trouble recalling events or conversations in recent periods? These are all quite common symptoms affecting a great majority of Australians, including children, then often diagnosed with ADD. When these symptoms inhibit your ability to function daily we need to reconsider what we believe is normal and understand that they can be easily reversed. Impaired cognitive function can be mentally and physically exhausting leaving you drained and unable to connect with family, creating relationship patterns that may be harmful within the family unit.

The symptoms may begin with a broken night sleep that becomes a pattern, waking unrefreshed, or feeling fatigued through the day. Walking into a room only to forget what you were looking for, or feeling overwhelmed by your work load, and unable to attend to tasks at the pace or mental clarity that once came so easily. It’s quite common to blame aging as the cause, however, this may be the biggest mistake you could make, falling further into mental and physical fatigue as time goes on, while the real problem is not being resolved.

“The Cascade Effect can reduce your cognitive function for up to 6 months or indefinitely if left untreated”
The cascade effect that creates these conditions are a combination of factors rather than just one cause. A highly intense stressful event or short illness may drive the body toward a myriad of effects triggering like dominoes. Once this cascade begins creating adrenal fatigue, thyroid hypofunction, fluid retention, nutritional deficiencies of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids required to provide optimal brain function, and energy for the production of dopamine for motivation, adrenalin for energy, serotonin for mood, and many more responsible for memory and problem solving.

It takes just one missing nutrient to interrupt a biochemical pathway required to complete a function in the body or brain. It can be very simple to rectify, if correctly diagnosed through thorough, yet easily available pathology testing.

Memory, mood, hormonal and energy issues are not untreatable. Every individual has a cause that is unique and easy to find with the right investigation. You have a choice. Change the path of your life for the better, for you and your family.

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