Not as Happy as you used to be? Is Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, or ADHD overwhelming you? Are Anti-Depressants not working for you? Find out Why!

Do you find yourself irritated, not able to feel excited, or constantly thinking negatively? Do you have trouble sleeping, your mind won’t stop racing, or you wake too often through the night? Do you get anxiety at bed time where you can hear your heart beating while your head is on the pillow?

One single underlying issue can cause all of these symptoms including anxiety, nervousness, depression, or lack of excitement and motivation for life. Stress feels overwhelming, and little upsets cause feelings of anger. Palpitations, excessive heat in the body, tingling in the hands or feet, irritable bowel syndrome, foggy brain and lack of concentration including ADHD in children, can also be present. Often these symptoms have been going on for months, years or even decades. You may suffer just a few of the above symptoms or perhaps all of them.

The cause has been found in the gut and seems to be widespread throughout the community. It is a malicious infection mainly picked up from travelling overseas, or having contact with someone who has travelled which is often only detected in specialised testing. This infection has been shown to release a neuronal toxin, affecting the nervous system physically and mentally. It has not often been associated with mental health conditions even though studies are available showing its impact on the brain. It can be passed on from person to person very easily, and so more than one person in a household may be suffering from similar symptoms and both may be affected.

Often, sufferers are able to correlate the first sign of symptoms, coinciding with a trip overseas where they experienced a tummy bug causing diarrhoea or vomiting. Australia is so close to the Indonesian countries it can be transmitted from, and Australians travel there often for their holidays, so imagine the amount of people coming back who could be infected and how it can be passed on quite easily through schools, day care centres, or places of work.

Fortunately it is quite easy to address, and most symptoms are relieved as soon as the infection has been eradicated. I have seen patients who have suffered depression for four decades, and after treatment for one month have improved out of sight. Other patients have shown improvement after just one week of treatment.

Bacterial infections are just one part of a 7 step process for permanently treating mental health conditions. These steps have been proven with testing to improve the brain function immeasurably, without the help of medication, in adults and children for all mental health conditions. If you would like to know more, please call the clinic on 5443 1987 for a free half hour consultation or register for an upcoming free webinar,  being run in September on the causes and treatment of, anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.

Jodi Chapman B.H.Sc Naturopath


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