Is Heartburn getting worse? Feeling nausea, bloating or acidic? What if it’s not indigestion?

Serious complications of GORD may lead to osteoporosis or anaemia

Is heartburn getting the best of you?  Do you sometimes suffer with a chronic cough?  Are you experiencing wheezing or a sore throat but it’s not the flu?  Do you get chest pains that worry you?  Is belching becoming a problem?

If the symptoms of reflux or heartburn are left untreated, you may end up developing Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease, known as GORD.  This is when the contents of the stomach, flow back up into the oesophagus, causing the painful burning sensation known as heartburn.  Risk factors include side effects from certain medications, often the same medications used to treat the condition, smoking, high intake of irritant foods such as allergens, alcohol or coffee, obesity, stress, bacterial infection or hiatus hernia.

Research indicates medication is only recommended for 4-8 weeks as when used long term may cause muscle wastage and fat gain

Reflux or GORD is most commonly caused by a condition known as SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or food intolerances.  Insidious bacteria play a part in making heartburn difficult to treat, particularly when it becomes resistant to antibiotic therapy.  Being overreactive to stress can worsen your symptoms also.

If diet, bacteria, stress and your weight can contribute to heartburn, it’s essential to treat each of these factors simultaneously.  Knowing exactly the kind of foods to avoid and correctly identifying any infections are the keys to a full recovery.  Despite medications being readily available, there are damaging effects that can stem from long term use, such as increased susceptibility to other infections, risk of bone density loss, fractures and pneumonia, along with poor absorption of nutrients, blocking protein absorption, leaving you deficient and malnourished, often causing weight gain, rather than weight loss.

Our team of specialised Naturopaths can help you find your unique triggers, so that your food intolerances and any infection is identified quickly, alongside addressing weight issues and managing stress, returning you to optimum long term wellness.  Don’t let an irritating symptom become a chronic disease. Contact our team of experts for the right advice the first time, by calling 1800 699 355 (1800 MYWELLNESS) to arrange a free half hour consultation or visit

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