Could he have had just weeks to live? What would you give to know if you were at risk of stroke, heart attack, or cancer BEFORE it happens?

I recently saw a client who has been on heart medication for blood pressure, and was being monitored by his Cardiologist. When he came to see me, we found that even though his blood pressure at his arm was 120/80, in his aorta in the heart and in his carotid arteries it was actually 150/110, and the inflammation in his heart was phenomenal. As far as his previous testing went, he was going ok, but what we found was alarming!

After using strong natural anti-inflammatories, and changing his diet to force him to produce lower levels of inflammation, we rescanned him within 2 weeks, finding that the inflammation had halved, his blood pressure now was 139/99, but was not yet completely normal. After further testing, we found he had severe allergies to foods he was eating daily, that were actually healthy foods, and he had an infection throughout his body. These together were causing massive inflammation, and could have been the cause of his heart disease from decades before. He was so grateful, and when seeing his follow up scan, said that he had been looking for a long time for something that could show him everything that was really going on in his body all at once. He had found it, and just in time!

With one scan your whole body is measured with extreme accuracy showing inflammation in breast, uterine and prostate tissue, heart, lungs, stomach, bowel, brain and more. Your blood pressure is measured in your heart, and in the carotid arteries, which can show the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack before it occurs.

The scan also measures hormones, insulin, cholesterol, thyroid and many other imbalances. This can determine if your diet is working for you or not. It also determines if you need further testing for imbalanced hormones, all the while checking for dangerous abnormalities throughout your system.

Your brain is measured showing levels of serotonin, dopamine, and others, to determine what you may need to improve mood and depressive or anxiety symptoms. Sometimes we have mood changes when reacting to certain foods which can mimic signs of these conditions, and the scan can show the difference.

Knowing these things in advance can mean making changes to prevent them happening. This can change your life forever. Feel free to phone or come in to see what the test is like and what it may be able to do for you.

Jodi Chapman BHSc. Naturopath
Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre
07 5443 1987
38 Maud St, Maroochydore


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