Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre

Jodi Chapman, the founder of Advanced Wellness & Behavioural Centre, developed the clinic over the past 8 years using naturopathic and medical principles, combining the two to fill a gap that seemed to be occurring between orthodox and allopathic medicine. Jodi specialises in the treatment of mental health concerns predominantly for patients suffering with depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, or ASD type symptoms, with excellent results. Many other health concerns are also treated at the centre, such as autoimmune disease, weight concerns, chronic fatigue or energy concerns, hormonal imbalances, and many more.

Using a very thorough approach, we use many forms of testing on first contact with our patients. This may include ordering pathology testing through your doctor, and others including looking at gut function, nutritional deficiencies, hormone levels, liver detoxification profiling, blood allergy testing, and bacterial load testing. Having such a thorough initial approach saves guesswork, which directs us to the cause of your complaint with efficiency, saving time and getting results for your optimum health quickly. The philosophy of the centre focuses on finding the cause or the original trigger for the ill health, removing the cause, and then supporting the body back to improved health by improving gut absorption, replenishing nutrient deficiencies, and designing a diet to suit each patient’s specific needs.  The final step is providing a management program for the patient to follow when after care at the centre is no longer required. Please feel free to contact the centre for a free half hour consultation where we can discuss your health issues with you, or view the webinar “7 Steps to Freedom from Depression & Anxiety” free to download from our website.

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