Has your memory and mental clarity declined? Not as sharp as you should be? Find out why

Preventing short and long term cognitive decline can be simple.

Are you not as sharp as you used to be? Are you more forgetful? Writing lists to remember daily tasks or shopping? Having difficulty finding the right words, or forgetting names or faces you’ve met before? Are you forgetting information you once knew? Reducing your risk of memory related disease before it’s too late is not difficult through addressing the factors that can contribute to memory loss and cognitive decline.

It often begins early with simple deficiencies reducing your production of brain chemicals necessary for memory. If left unaddressed, signs of depression or anxiety, stress or fatigue begin to occur as early as in your 30’s. Identifying and removing the triggers and contributing factors early, you reduce the irreversible damage seen in the brains of dementia patients, the most commonly known is Alzheimer’s disease.  The bottom line is this: it all comes down to nervous system health, if brain cells die, the result is loss of function.

Dementia has shown to affect people as early as in their 30’s, and will become the leading cause of death for women within just a few years.

But what contributes to the death of our brain neurons?  There are a number of easily identifiable factors that can be treated, such as high cortisol levels caused by stress, oxidative and free radical damage from a poor diet or food intolerances, inflammation from bacterial infection, imbalanced brain chemical production, viruses, heavy metal toxicity, poor cell function compounded by alcohol and smoking, nutrient deficiencies and simply not enough oxygen to the brain.

All of these causes are detectable in specialised testing at any age, and are simple to address when detected early. You don’t have to sit around and wait to see if it will happen to you, take charge and pave the way for a bright, functioning and perceptive future. With professional advice from one of our trained health practitioners, you no longer have to be a statistic, but instead age with the grace, clarity and vitality you deserve.

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