The 7 keys to Understanding Depression & Anxiety

Why is this happening to you?

Do you feel flat, tired, or angry? Do you lack excitement or motivation, or constantly think negatively? Do you suffer with anxiety, nervousness, depression or panic and stress? Does insomnia keep you awake through the night, keeping your mind racing. Do you feel symptoms such as palpitations, overheating, foggy unclear thinking and difficulty making decisions or concentrating .

Treating mood issues aren’t as hit and miss as we’ve been led to believe. There are 7 key influences that can affect mood all associated with your body, not necessarily what is going on around you in your life. Most of us can cope with the stresses of life with a smile on our face if we have the right foundations of health in balance.

Key 1: Vitamins – This is the most basic level needed to make our moods fantastic. Serotonin and dopamine are made of vitamins such as magnesium, vitamins B, C, D, zinc, amino acids and omega 3’s which are all important, just missing one of these will cause problems.

Key 2: Gut – Did you know that bacteria picked up from overseas, or contacting someone who’s been overseas can cause years of depression, anxiety or stress. It is so simple to treat, and so simple to find, yet it is rarely looked for. It is also extremely common!

Key 3: Allergies – When your liver works hard at detoxifying foods, it uses many nutrients that make serotonin. Allergies are much more common than most realise and they don’t always appear as hayfever or rashes.

Key 4: Diet – Proteins are the first building blocks to making brain chemicals. There are so many people who eat very little protein, causing deficiencies, lowering their moods and causing anxiety. Are you eating enough protein?

Key 5: Hormones – If these aren’t balanced well, watch out, as most women already know, but if you get the rest right, hormones usually balance themselves.

Key 6: Stress – Can play a major role in depression due to the adrenal glands, but if supported with the right strategies and nutrients, can be controlled really easily.

Key 7: Brain waves patterns – can be developed poorly sometimes through growing up in a stressful or fearful environment. This can now be retrained back to normal brainwave patterns all within a couple of months, saying goodbye to depression or anxiety forever.

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