7 Biggest Mistakes you could be making that could cause Permanent Depression, Anxiety or ADHD.

Are you not as happy as you used to be? Is stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, or ADHD overwhelming you? Are anti-depressants not working for you?

Do you find yourself irritated, not able to feel excited, or constantly thinking negatively? Do you have trouble sleeping, your mind won’t stop racing, or you wake too often through the night? Do you get anxiety at bed time where you can hear your heart beating while your head is on the pillow?

We had an incredible response from all who were logged on for the webinar we ran about one of my favourite topics – Solving the puzzle that creates Anxiety Depression & ADHD. When you put it all together, it all makes sense.

There are 7 key underlying triggers which can cause all of these symptoms including anxiety, nervousness, depression, or lack of excitement and motivation for life. Stress feels overwhelming, and little upsets cause feelings of anger. Palpitations, excessive heat in the body, tingling in the hands or feet, irritable bowel syndrome, foggy brain and lack of concentration including ADHD in children, can also be present. Often these symptoms have been going on for months, years or even decades. You may suffer just a few of the above symptoms or perhaps all of them.

The 7 key common triggers that affect your brain, cause a compounding effect that your brain cannot deal with, which leads to long term, and then permanent brainwave pattern changes, affecting your personality, mood, and ability to think and cope, permanently!

Fortunately it can be quite easy to address. Patients who have suffered depression for four decades, have reported to have improved out of sight after one month and other patients have shown improvement after just one week of treatment, including sufferers of Major Depressive Disorder, and children with ADHD, who have then been able to reduce their medication in less than 7 weeks, and these results are permanent and medication free!

Proven with testing, these steps improve brain function immeasurably, without the help of medication, in adults and children. To find out more, call the centre and arrange a free half hour consultation, or view the webinar on our website. A webinar is simply a seminar that you can see on the internet. You just register through the website and it will play for you on your computer. It’s easy and it’s free. Register now for 7 Steps to Freedom from Anxiety, Depression & ADHD at www.advancedwellness.com.au.

“Awesome, awesome, awesome…..this webinar is a MUST for everyone who cares about their overall health….” J.M. Buderim

“Oh my lord, what an informative webinar…Brilliant” L.D. Chermside

“I thought the webinar was fantastic… I now have a fuller understanding of my health” L.C. Buderim

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